Hamzeh Lebedev

The true defining aspect of humans is their ability to break away from linear patterns and to manipulate those patterns in a nonlinear fashion. Following linear patterns has sadly become popular and mainstream. Individuals choosing to follow this path also make the choice to forego the one true defining aspect that makes us different than other species.

There are many levels of linear patterns. Some may go unseen and some are very clear. Why is it that modern advertising can target consumers so accurately? Computers can generate random numbers. If you work backwards, these random numbers will always have a linear pattern and could be replicated with a complex mathematical formula. They are not truly random. This is what differs humans from animals and machines. Why are modern humans choosing to do away with their ability to be non linear? All animals and robots manipulate linear patterns. Do not mistake simple manipulation of these patterns as nonlinear. Manipulation in itself is usually linear. Humans have the amazing ability to manipulate linear patterns in nonlinear ways. Why do most humans choose to forego this ability?

The most amazing inventors and some of the best(and most atrocious) leaders throughout history have all have one trait in common – their ability to be nonlinear.

Hamzeh Lebedev

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